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Compliant Kangen Water® demo and business opportunity.

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Compliant Kangen Water® demo and business opportunity. Topic: Health & Hydration Business Presentation Date: FRIDAY Time: 10:30 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada) 1:30 PM Eastern Time 6:30 PM UK / International ** PLEASE IDENTIFY YOUR TIME ZONE ABOVE ** Lionel Slade & Talana Craig Presenter: Talana Craig * Single Mother * Executive Assistant * Passion […]

Water Demonstration and Business Overview Hosted by Brian Biggins

Enagic - New York 3636 33rd Street Suite 101, Astoria

Venue: Enagic New York Branch 3636 33rd Street Suite 101 Astoria NY 11106 (718) 784-2110 Kangen Water Ionizers available for pick up after the seminar. (Limited supply in stock) Free filter for those prospects who purchase the machine after this event. Free event! Invite your new prospects!